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Before To After Remodel For Louisville Home


Modern Homestead, is a leading remodeling contractor, and proud to service Louisville. Not only do we love what we do, but we love where we do it.   All of us take great pride in serving homeowners across the area.

Many homeowners find their current space does not fit with their needs and preferences. Here we showcase a Whole Home Remodel project for one of your Louisville neighbors.  Come along for a tour to see how working with Modern Homestead converted a home of our clients’ dreams.  Before introducing any of images of what the home looked like before we arrived, we  begin with the interior on top featuring the kitchen that brings a light an airy touch.  We completely modernized the exterior just off to the side with new paint including specifically painting the dated red brick. We reformatted the front porch making it more open and inviting. The wood and stain on custom posts match the interior beam that is prominent in the living room just inside the porch.


Here you can see the level of detail that went into making this room that is also modern and minimalist.  Custom carpentry trim work above the fireplace adds a nice touch of warm texture.


While we prefer to just show our finished work, as have on this dedicated Louisville Home Remodel page, here we will show a before to after comparison of each part of the home. Before was an aging faded exterior. After shows the opened up the front porch, custom wrapped columns to match elements of the interior. New dark grey paint with bright white trim was used to create an element of depth and contrast.

The front door was dated, and not inviting. New landscaping along the path combined with the new porch and new modern front door makes it much more inviting.

There is nothing more to say when looking at the differences of the kitchen remodel.

Turning towards the living room gives a great contrast of Before to After remodeling.

You can easily see why the homeowners will enjoy their living room remodel.

Previously there was a depressing room right off main entrance with dated lighting fixture and rounded arch to side room. Now there is an enjoyable place to have family meals.

The dated powder room was transformed to be an accent piece to the rest of the home.

This dark, dreary and dated office space was transformed to a light, modern and airy new office.

New modern and sleek cabinetry was used to match rest of home and replace the dated master bath that had heavy cabinetry and mirrors as well as industrial glass blocks.

The basement guest suite was dark and dated and simply was not very inviting.  New wallpaper, trim, carpeting, and paint warmed up the space.

The master bedroom went through an even nicer remodel transformation.

No room was left out.  Here we show the dated laundry with heavy cabinetry, dated floor tile and commercial florescent lights.   New cabinetry to match the rest of home, plus beautiful floor tile and a glass rear door to allow light to flow through transformed this into an enjoyable room.

And here we show the remodel transformation of the living room towards the 2nd floor bedrooms.

Stunning reformatting of the stairway and upper loft area. New statement lighting fixtures throughout.

And of course we will finish our story with another comparison of the center of the home.

We welcome a conversation to discuss how we can transform your home similar to what has been shown here.

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