Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is the heart of your home. From an early morning breakfast to a late-night snack, it’s where you spend precious time with your loved ones. The kitchen is a loyal witness to any drama in life. Whether preparing an important meal for family or friends, surprising a loved one on a special occasion, or making a special dinner for the grandchildren, the kitchen is at the center of it all.

So, when it comes to planning for a kitchen remodeling project, you will want to consider a design to make it the room where everybody will feel comfortable and welcome.

Looks And Functionality

At Modern Homestead, we want your remodeled kitchen to be a perfect combination of good looks and effective functionality. A kitchen remodel can take on so many forms of style, materials, and color. Let us be your partners in deciding what will work best for you.

Kitchen Remodel Boulder Cabinets
Kitchen Remodel Boulder Tile

The picture on the top of this page features an example of a transitional style kitchen remodel. By updating outdated countertops, rearranging the layout of space, and replacing lighting and fixtures, we were able to create an entirely new and updated space.

The pictures immediately above this section show more details of this kitchen. The original cabinets were not replaced, but instead completely refinished. This allowed the homeowners to maintain the original character of the home while modernizing the space. The second photo shows a custom tile feature, which ties into other stylistic elements of the home.

what our clients say

Ann B

"Everything Modern Homestead has done for us has been wonderful! We have had three emergencies including a burst pipe that ruined our entire wood floor in the basement. When we called they arrived within a half-hour. They replaced our basement floor, refinished our very old weather-beaten deck and they have helped us with many minor problems too. Modern Homestead also checks on our house inside and out when we are not there for a long period of time. They are always very professional, prompt, and friendly."

Sarah R.

"They communicated well, showed up on time, did a fabulous job, and left the worksite very clean. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience."

Mike H.

"Everything was done well, and they are great with customer service. Very personable, flexible with ideas and time. Price is reasonable and they are detail-oriented, which we loved."

Modern But Accentuating Historic Appeal

In the pictures that follow, you will find another example of a kitchen remodel. In the first, you will notice how we refinished the cabinets to a sleek minimalist style to accentuate the historic appeal of the original exposed masonry. In the second photo, you can see how the open layout allows the small historic kitchen space to flow into the open living space of the home. 

Kitchen Remodeling Classic Style Appliances Mapleton Boulder
Denver Kitchen Remodeling With Open Layout And Modern Appliances

Kitchen remodeling is one of the biggest and most important changes in every home. It reflects the homeowner’s dreams, needs, style, and wishes. The perfect kitchen remodel project has a well-balanced design, so it fits your every use.

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