John Ploumitsakos CEO Modern Homestead

John Ploumitsakos

President and C.E.O.

John has had a passion for building from the time he was a young boy. His family members managed and worked in various construction trades and general contracting. While John has always been a part-time builder, he took a roundabout path to make it his formal occupation when he started Modern Homestead in early 2018. 

Prior to founding Modern Homestead, John practiced law for five years and then spent 12 years working in senior leadership positions for technology companies such as Google and Twitter. John managed teams across the United States, Europe, and Latin America focused on sales, operations, and client services.

After moving to Colorado in 2017, John envisioned bringing some of the operational excellence and innovative approaches to client service he developed in the world of technology to the world of residential construction. In launching Modern Homestead, John sought to create a construction company that was unconventional and questioned outdated industry norms. He ensures that Modern Homestead utilizes industry-leading technology to provide clients with unmatched professionalism, clear communication, and firm commitments on project budgets and timelines. 

John received his Bachelor of Science from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Outside of work, John enjoys running, skiing, hiking, and spending time with his wife, two young daughters, and two dogs.

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